About Our Founder

Hey! I'm Amy and I'm Australian, vegan, a qualified pastry chef and the owner of The Plant Patisserie.

I worked in the hospitality industry for almost 10 years before starting this small business in the beginning of 2020.

I am extremely passionate about food and I believe in the value of homemade, crafted, quality baked goods that are better for you and the environment.
Everything I make is 100% vegan and I use seasonal and organic ingredients as much as possible. I like to keep it simple and emphasize taste over decorations.
I operate out of a private kitchen in Edinburgh, Scotland and everything is handmade by me!

Amy with matcha cake
Vegan Bakery of the Year winner

The Plant Patisserie was awarded Vegan Bakery of the Year 2021/22 by Scotland Prestige Awards.