How do I order a cake?

Please fill out a quick order form to enquire or to place an order.

Once you have submitted the form, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Please note that your order will not be confirmed until payment has been made.

How much notice do you require?

2-4 weeks is ideal so that we can source any special ingredients or supplies required for your cake. However, we may be able to assist with shorter notice periods subject to availability. We understand that cake emergencies do happen and will always try our best to come to the rescue! Just get in touch and we can hopefully work something out.

If you can, give as much notice as possible to ensure you don’t miss out.

Orders will not be taken over one year in advance.

Is there a minimum order?

The smallest cake size available is a 6” round cake which serves 8 wedge slices.

The minimum order of cupcakes required is 6.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available for wedding cakes and large orders within Edinburgh only. Address will need to be confirmed when placing your order. All cakes are personally delivered and will be an additional cost depending on location and set up requirements.

Do you have a shop front that I can visit?

We do not have a shop front with pre-made cakes, cupcakes or cookies available. Everything is handmade fresh to order from a private kitchen. Orders can be picked up by appointment only. Collection instructions will be given once payment has been made.

How should I transport my cake?

If you are collecting your cake, please take precautions to avoid damaging it during transportation.

If you are travelling by bus, hold the box with two hands from the bottom edge to steady it, and keep the box level at all times.


If you are driving, place the boxed cake on a flat surface on the floor of the car, with something underneath for cushioning, like a yoga mat, towel or car mat. Make sure the heating is off and take care when turning, going over speed bumps and on rough roads. If the temperature is warm, put the air conditioning on if you have it, open the windows or place the cake box in a cooler bag.

Cupcake boxes should be held from the bottom edge and sides only.

Cake boxes should never be held or squeezed on the sides, please hold from the bottom or bottom edges only.

How should I store my cake?

Cakes should be kept in their box and stored in a cool, dry place, below 18C


Store in the fridge and take out 1-2 hours before serving to let it come to room temperature (unless otherwise specified).

Cakes are best eaten at room temperature and within 3 days (unless otherwise specified). Keep the cake out of direct sunlight, out of hot environments and away from heaters.


If you would like to keep your cake for longer, store the cake well covered in the fridge for up to 5 days, making sure to bring the cake to room temperature before eating.


Individual slices may also be wrapped and frozen for up to a month. Allow to fully defrost and come to room temperature before eating and do not refreeze.

Some cakes such as the tiramisu must be kept refrigerated at all times. If this is the case, it will be specified in the storage instructions written on the box.

What ingredients are used in your cakes?

The Plant Patisserie kitchen is 100% vegan and handles the following allergens:

- gluten

- peanuts

- nuts

- soy

- sesame

- sulphites

- mustard

- celery

Due to production methods of some purchased ingredients, traces of other allergens may also be present.

Do you make allergen free cakes?

Cakes can be made without certain allergens, however we cannot guarantee that traces will not be present, as everything is made in the same kitchen.

Please get in touch if you require further information about allergens or ingredients used in our cakes.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

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